Skuat Champion Bhayangkara FC One by One Hijacked Another Club

Skuat Champion Bhayangkara FC One by One Hijacked Another Club

No one thought that Bhayangkara FC was able to show great performance throughout the 2017 season Taruhan bola. Simon McMenemy’s team unexpectedly came out as champions League 1.

The Guardian’s success so far can not be separated from the individual performance of the players. Simon seemed able to release the best ability of his men.

As a result some players finally look amazing. Not a few Indonesian elite teams and even foreign clubs who are interested to use their services. Even among the champions this squad has now become part of another club.

Call it Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin Armayn which next season is certain to defend Selangor FA in Malaysia. In addition to the two main players, some of the reserve players have also been confirmed to join other clubs, such as Alvin Tuasalamony and Zulfiandi are ensured to be part of Sriwijaya FC club with Rahmad Darmawan.

In addition to the four players earlier, some other names are also staying digadang will be hijacked another club. The most recent one is Guy Junior who will also be docked to Sriwijaya FC. Not only Guy, two other flagship players also reportedly immediately changed clubs. As Ilija Spasosevic associated with Bali United and Octavia Dutra will be docked to Roma.

But the departure of some star players Bhayangkara FC is not accompanied by the recruitment of new players. The club is headquartered in Patriot Bekasi Stadium is even tend to cool calm in the transfer market. In fact they just recruited one new player, namely Muhammad Hargianto.

“Yes we admit it has lost players and will likely increase. We will determine the new players on December 11th. Just wait for the surprise, “said media officer Bhayangkara FC, Eko Yudoyono.

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