Real Madrid Waiting for Egy Maulana Vikri

Real Madrid Waiting for Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy Maulana Vikri gets an offer to follow the selection of three clubs in Spain This was conveyed by Subagja Suihan who was the adoptive father of Egy.

“There are already three clubs that will be a trial spot for Egy, Getafe, Espanyol and Real Madrid, so after the AFC U-19 Cup Qualifier in South Korea, Egy will train in Spain,” said Subagja. .com from Tabloid Bola, Friday (20/10/2017).

“After that, he will return to Indonesia to finish the study in Ragunan and go back to practice for two years in Europe,” said the businessman from Cirebon.

Egy does have a great desire to live a football career abroad, especially Europe.

In particular, he even mentioned his hopes of appearing in the club’s most grand tournament on the Blue Continent or the Champions League.

“Expectations of careers abroad must be there, and all footballers will want to play abroad and feel the atmosphere there,” said Egy.

“If you can, I want to play in the Champions League and become the first Indonesian to appear in the event,” said the best players as well as top scorer 2016 Soeratin Cup with 22 goals.

Pengidola Arjen Robben and Barcelona club was not unaware that the realization of his dream is very heavy.

In fact, it may be out of the minds of some Indonesians.

However, as his struggle to leave the city of Medan birth from the age of 12 years to pursue a career in football, the second child of three brothers is not willing to give up without fighting.

“If it’s a dream for what it is, it must be real, it’s not easy, it’s not like turning the palm of the hand, it must be hard work,” Egy said.

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