Khedira Brings Back Ball After Hat-trick Against Udinese

Khedira Brings Back Ball After Hat-trick Against Udinese

Sami Khedira made a personal nickname with Juventus in the match against Udinese last weekend. The German midfielder scored a hat-trick for the first time throughout his career.

The play was made on 20, 59 and 87 respectively. In that match Juventus gained a great 6-2 victory despite appearing with 10 players since the 25th minute.

At that time, Juventus striker Mario Mandzukic was sent off for a foul. To be sure, Khedira is happy to set a record. However, still for him, the most important is the three points for the team.

“I’m glad we won a tough game, this is the first time I scored a hat-trick in a career, so it’s incredible,” Khedira told Football Italia.

“From it all, for me the most important is the victory for the team, especially after Mario Mandzukic was given a red card,” he said.

However, an extraordinary achievement is worth celebrating and remembering. And do not want the momentum to just disappear, Khedira was trying to perpetuate by bringing the ball home the game.

Through Instagram, he showcased an action ball against Udinese in a car seat belt. There Khedira wrote, “come home dear, #MatchBall #UdineseJuve # SK6.

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