Valverde slams Game Without Barcelona Viewers

Valverde slams Game Without Barcelona Viewers

Ernesto Valverde revealed if he felt strange when watching Barcelona match over Las Palmas without pentonton.

Himself said it is not easy to run the game with a new situation the first time the players feel. And the loneliness of Camp Nou had made them difficult to build a rhythm game.

The focus of his players was difficult to wake up thinking about the situation in the Catalan. When the game was held, the situation in the Catalan was in turmoil because of the clash of citizens with kepilisian related Catalan referendum.

“The situation is very complicated. We understand the club wants to postpone the game, but because it is not possible, then this path is selected. The game was very difficult to pass though we could finally win 3-0, “said valverde on local media.

“The club wanted to show an attitude about the conditions that took place in the Catalonia. I’m not a politician, but the club just wants to sympathize, no more. “