Skuat Champion Bhayangkara FC One by One Hijacked Another Club

Skuat Champion Bhayangkara FC One by One Hijacked Another Club

No one thought that Bhayangkara FC was able to show great performance throughout the 2017 season Taruhan bola. Simon McMenemy’s team unexpectedly came out as champions League 1.

The Guardian’s success so far can not be separated from the individual performance of the players. Simon seemed able to release the best ability of his men.

As a result some players finally look amazing. Not a few Indonesian elite teams and even foreign clubs who are interested to use their services. Even among the champions this squad has now become part of another club.

Call it Evan Dimas and Ilham Udin Armayn which next season is certain to defend Selangor FA in Malaysia. In addition to the two main players, some of the reserve players have also been confirmed to join other clubs, such as Alvin Tuasalamony and Zulfiandi are ensured to be part of Sriwijaya FC club with Rahmad Darmawan.

In addition to the four players earlier, some other names are also staying digadang will be hijacked another club. The most recent one is Guy Junior who will also be docked to Sriwijaya FC. Not only Guy, two other flagship players also reportedly immediately changed clubs. As Ilija Spasosevic associated with Bali United and Octavia Dutra will be docked to Roma.

But the departure of some star players Bhayangkara FC is not accompanied by the recruitment of new players. The club is headquartered in Patriot Bekasi Stadium is even tend to cool calm in the transfer market. In fact they just recruited one new player, namely Muhammad Hargianto.

“Yes we admit it has lost players and will likely increase. We will determine the new players on December 11th. Just wait for the surprise, “said media officer Bhayangkara FC, Eko Yudoyono.

Real Madrid Waiting for Egy Maulana Vikri

Real Madrid Waiting for Egy Maulana Vikri

Egy Maulana Vikri gets an offer to follow the selection of three clubs in Spain This was conveyed by Subagja Suihan who was the adoptive father of Egy.

“There are already three clubs that will be a trial spot for Egy, Getafe, Espanyol and Real Madrid, so after the AFC U-19 Cup Qualifier in South Korea, Egy will train in Spain,” said Subagja. .com from Tabloid Bola, Friday (20/10/2017).

“After that, he will return to Indonesia to finish the study in Ragunan and go back to practice for two years in Europe,” said the businessman from Cirebon.

Egy does have a great desire to live a football career abroad, especially Europe.

In particular, he even mentioned his hopes of appearing in the club’s most grand tournament on the Blue Continent or the Champions League.

“Expectations of careers abroad must be there, and all footballers will want to play abroad and feel the atmosphere there,” said Egy.

“If you can, I want to play in the Champions League and become the first Indonesian to appear in the event,” said the best players as well as top scorer 2016 Soeratin Cup with 22 goals.

Pengidola Arjen Robben and Barcelona club was not unaware that the realization of his dream is very heavy.

In fact, it may be out of the minds of some Indonesians.

However, as his struggle to leave the city of Medan birth from the age of 12 years to pursue a career in football, the second child of three brothers is not willing to give up without fighting.

“If it’s a dream for what it is, it must be real, it’s not easy, it’s not like turning the palm of the hand, it must be hard work,” Egy said.

Budget Rp 750 Million Rejected, Persik Kendal Threatened Failed to Join the National League 3

Budget Rp 750 Million Rejected, Persik Kendal Threatened Failed to Join the National League 3

Persik Kendal Central Java threatened could not follow the national league final 3. Because the budget submitted for the cost of competition of Rp 750 million, was not approved by the Parliament Kendal.

The decision was established through a plenary session, Wednesday (6/9/2017) afternoon. According to the chairman of the Parliament Kendal, Prapto Utono, the budget is not approved because there is no legal umbrella so it is feared will be able to violate the rules.

“Funds can be found through donors,” said Tono who hopes Persik Kendal can still participate in the national league 3 competition.

Meanwhile, the regent of Kendal, Mirna Anissa, said he was still responsible for finding funds for Persik. How, by asking for help to the entrepreneurs in Kendal.

“Later also can seek donors to individuals, such as members of the board or civil servants,” he said.

Mirna optimistic, Peach Kendal can still compete in the national league 3 and become champion.

Kendal Peach became the 3rd League champion of Central Java. They automatically represent Central Java to progress to the national round.

Earlier, Kendik Kendal manager M Wibowo said it needed at least Rp 600 million to join the national league final 3.

Sriwijaya FC Vs Persib, Host Efforts Fix Final Settlement

Sriwijaya FC Vs Persib, Host Efforts Fix Final Settlement

Toward the duel entertain Persib Bandung, Monday (4/9/2017), at the Stadium Sriwijaya Jakabaring Gelora, Sriwijaya FC still struggling with final settlement problem Agen Sbobet.

According to Sriwijaya FC coach, Hartono Ruslan, touch finishing problems seen in the last game when facing Persiba Balikpapan.

However, the presence of Keith Kayamba Gumbs as assistant coach is expected to improve performance on the front lines.

“We hope when facing Persib Bandung touch finishing problems can be overcome because Kayamba himself had played as a striker,” said Hartono Ruslan.

According to Hartono, many who predict match tomorrow will look lame.

The reason, the visitors rely on star players who certainly are not easily defeated Sriwijaya FC.

“It’s only natural that many of these dueling assumptions are lame, but of course we will prove on the pitch because we have also been preparing for a long time,” said Hartono.

Hartono admitted all Persib players dangerous, like Michael Essien. However, his team is ready to serve the team nicknamed Maung Bandung, let alone the condition of the midfield of Sriwijaya FC is now quite good.

“Anyone who goes down tomorrow, of course, we see who is better prepared for me, the opponent whoever should be ready and this our house, of course must win,” said Hartono.

The Solo coach also added that the elimination of U-23 regulation for his team does not cause problems because young and senior players are able to adapt.

“We’ve been using a lot of young players, but we hope the injured senior players will recover soon,” Hartono said.

The front-lane bundle of Sriwijaya FC is also exacerbated by the weakness of the defense after losing Dominggus Fakdawer which can not be lowered due to the card accumulation penalty.

However, to anticipate, Hartono Ruslan has prepared several substitutes.

The players include Bobby Satria, Ahmad Faris, Yanto Basna, and Bio Paulin who have recovered from injury.

Minim Break, Indonesia U-22 National Team Ready to Combat Malaysia

Minim Break, Indonesia U-22 National Team Ready to Combat Malaysia

Indonesia U-22 national team is ready to fight Malaysia at the Shah Alam Stadium on Saturday (26/8/2017) in the SEA Games semi-finals. The Garuda Muda team only has one day of rest Judi dadu.

Yesterday, Indonesia just played against Cambodia at Shah Alam Stadium on Thursday (24/08/2017). While the opponent, Malaysia, has a longer recovery period, three days.

However, the assistant coach Indonesia National Team U-22, the Milky Way, not worried. Therefore, things like this has been prepared coach Luis Milla.

“There is recovery, but we are not training hard, maybe a light exercise, like warming up tomorrow morning but we are ready to play,” said Milky Way at Hilton Hotel, Selangor, Friday (8/25/2017).

“Since the start of the SEA Games game, we have always been rotating players, I have said in this team that there is no core or reserve player, it is equally important,” he said.

Facing the Malaysian national team at Shah Alam Stadium, Indonesia U-22 national team will not be strengthened by its three flagship players. Marinus Wanewar, Hansamu Tama, and Muhammad Hargianto had to sit in the stands because of the accumulation of yellow cards.

Indonesia U-22 national team qualified for SEA Games 2017 semifinal after occupying the runner up position of group B with a collection of 11 points from 5 games. In the last match of preliminary round, Garuda Young was only able to win 2-0. But thanks to Thailand’s victory over Vietnam in other matches, Indonesia finally managed to advance to the next round.

Malaysia won Group A with 12 points from 4 matches. The hosts looked mighty and managed to wipe the entire match in the preliminary round.

Standings Groups A and B

Group A
1. Malaysia U-23 4 4 0 0 10-4 12
2. Myanmar U-23 4 3 0 1 12-4 9
3. Singapore U-23 4 2 0 2 4-4 6
4. Laos U-23 4 1 0 3 5-8 3
5. Brunei U-23 4 0 0 4 1-12 0

Group B
1. Thailand U-23 5 4 1 0 10-1 13
2. Indonesia U-23 5 3 2 0 7-1 11
3. Vietnam U-23 5 3 1 1 12-4 10
4. Philippines U-23 5 2 0 3 4-10 6
5. East Timor U-23 5 1 0 4 2-8 3
6. Cambodia U-23 5 0 0 5 1-12 0

Lose the Telak of Persib, Realistic Persegres Coming League 1

Lose the Telak of Persib, Realistic Persegres Coming League 1

Persegres Gresik United began to realistically staring at the competition map in League 1 Indonesia after slaughtered Persib Bandung with a score of 6-0 at the Stadium Jalak Harupat, Bandung regency, Sunday (20/08/2017) night.

The defeat is increasingly immerse the team nicknamed Laskar Joko Samudro was at the bottom of the standings.

Persegres coach, Hanafi, rate, with a collection of seven points to week 21, it is difficult for Persegres able to escape from the brink of relegation.

“I think (point) far away, that’s all,” said Hanafi after the game.

Hanafi rate, in half the first half, in game, foster children can balance the onslaught of players Maung Bandung.

However, after the opening goal Persib created, Persegres game pattern dispersed.

“Our game was great, first minute 10-15 minutes there was still resistance, but the second half was less,” he said.

He argues, the factors lost experience to be the main cause of his team’s defeat. In addition, Hanafi recognized, his team lost the quality of Persib.

“The possibility of children lacking experience, Arsyad’s example, there is a chance, in the shooting, but can be fed to Patrick.An experience factor may be like this, he’s a 17-year-old player, he should be able to take advantage, but baseball appeared,” he said.

Meanwhile, Persegres striker, Arga Permana, admitted that his team lost the quality of the game.

“The game we lost, we recognize big team Persib We have to practice again in other matches,” he said.